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Following its success from last year, we are re-launching our mentorship programme to engage hundreds of Secondary School Students across Ireland. Our goal is to break down the barriers to law, to promote inclusion and access to the law for all people from all backgrounds. It’s been 28 years since Jack Nicholson told a lawyer he couldn’t handle the truth in A Few Good Men. I feel it’s overdue, and the truth we are spreading is that the law is open and accessible to everyone for everyone. Here’s how we’re going to do it. 

Our mentors will be working with TY students from Deis schools all across Ireland for an immersive, informative introduction into the world of a law student. Through their monthly meetings with students, our mentors will outline just what goes on in the legal profession, what exactly it is a law student does and most importantly, show that behind the towers of textbooks and strange figures in robes and wigs that the law is for everyone whether you use it to study, practice, or to be interpreted yourself in future. Our outreach programme’s goal is to show all the students involved that when they inevitably are required to have an encounter with the law, be that as a student, a practitioner, getting insurance on your first car, or even just watching an exciting courtroom, drama on TV. Because of  the Trinity Law Society Outreach Programme, they will feel more comfortable, confident and informed in that environment. 

On top of our lessons and information sessions, we have also prepared the Outreach programme handbook, which will act as the bible for any young student wishing to further expand their knowledge with exclusive insights into the life of a law student, a collection of work opportunities in the legal industry as well as a detailed guide on mock trials and how to take your advocacy skills from hardly specified to Harvey spectre, put together by our wonderful subcommittee.

And lastly, for the grandstand finish, we will be running a mock trial competition for all the schools to take part in. This will culminate in a final that will take place on Trinity College Campus for TLO day. We will invite the participating students up for a full day of enjoyable law-related activities on our wonderful campus.

Committee 2021/22

  • Fionn O Callaghan
  • Jack Walsh
  • Francine Ibeh
  • Sarah Bourke
  • Sarah Dillon
  • Caoimhe Ebbs
  • Aiesha Wong