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Eoin Ryan


Competitions officer, secretary, and now auditor – it seemed like Eoin had achieved everything. And yet, he came into final year with one last mission. One piece of unfinished business. Mr LawSoc himself has never won mock trial. And he has one final chance to get it right … or ruin everything. Seriously though, Eoin D. Ryan has done it all. After a heavily uncontested auditor race, Eoin scraped through against fierce opponent RON and will now be leading the Law Society through its 90th year of the most sacred legal tradition – wine on someone else’s dime. That’s not all though! With his electoral manifesto promising a smaller committee and less events, Eoin aims to lead LawSoc back to its status as a medium society. At least this way we might finally win a CSC award? Armed with nothing but a flute, a cowrie-shell necklace, and a collection of crop tops, there is no one more suited to making the 90th Session the most slayful year ever.

Cormac Curtin


Cormac is going to be the 90th Session’s Treasurer.

Louise Cullen


After dossing around for the last two years as second-year rep and Erasmus Officer, Louise thought it was finally time to actually do some proper LawSoc work by traipsing around Dublin’s finest eateries with some B-list celebrities. Serious questions have been raised about the electoral integrity of her victory given the last-minute influx of postal votes from Italy and the fact that she claimed she could get Taylor Swift as the entertainment for Law Ball. Wearing her iconic yellow crocs and rainbow pants Louise’s plans to return the Book of Kells home to Meath have been constantly foiled by her inability not to shout slay every five minutes. Despite this former Scéim resident’s sparkling and friendly personality she wants to make sure you know she IS better than you because she spells her name as Gaeilge.

Alli Dixon

Social Secretary

Guys, I liked Normal People as much as the next Mescal fan, but give me Gossip Girl any day! However, Ms Alli Dixon does not feel the same way, as this one-time Dual-BA(E) student has now elected to spend her entire undergraduate degree in our lovely #Trinnerz instead of NYC. It is for this reason that she gets the title of Most Dedicated Committee Member, as no doubt this decision was made entirely due to a passion for LawSoc’s wonderful events (Masquerave, anyone?). Alli is small, but mighty – unlike the events that she has spent the summer organising, which will be LARGE and mighty. If you’re wondering whether there’s anything this ex-JCR hack can’t do – the answer is, nope, she’s UNSTOPPABLE.

Jack Walsh


After a successful stint as Outreach Officer, Jack Walsh has retired to the upstanding position of Librarian. Get that image of a sedentary elderly lady out of your head! Jack Walsh is a fresh-faced (North) Dubliner with a surprising amount of rugged doppelgangers on the continent (no that wasn’t Jack Walsh you saw strolling beside the waterways of Venice this Summer). He is ready to obliterate librarian stereotypes and rock your inbox. Prepare your tcd email account for suspected cybersecurity threats. Ignore the anti-phishing warnings. If Jack Walsh’s Instagram and Snapchat stories are anything to go off – expect unnecessary content (and the odd holiday mirror selfie). There may be late-night emails – Jack Walsh will balance up to a hundred hours a week of “part-time” work with his crippling student society commitments. Only one thing is certain – skinny jeans and sunglasses will be worn in vast quantities throughout.

Nathan Moore


One of Lawsoc’s major signings this season; Food and Drink Society’s best-kept secret. It takes a strong person to make the move from PRO of Trinity’s least hated and most unproblematic society to….. Lawsoc. Nathan has a habit of berating so-called “society hacks” while maintaining a position on at least one committee every year (including both the Hist and the Phil in a singular semester). Let’s hope his taste in colour schemes is better than his taste in men!

Alex Coughlan


When you meet Alex, initially what you’ll see is a five-foot-nothing, cute-as-a-button, perfectly-colour-coordinated queen. You’ll strike up a conversation about Noah Kahan’s Stick Season. (You’ll chat about this at length). You may even get onto the topic of curated Spotify playlists. Reader, allow me to tell you – you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. This scarily organised queen is in another league. Alex has over 190 followers on one playlist – and unlike me, she achieved this without forcing anyone to like it. Alex has not only read, but also filed every email she’s ever received. Alex has owned and run a small business, has single-handedly organised all LawPol course outings, and has even been accused of being a ‘fake’ child planted by Liverpool FC, after footage emerged of Alex being tear-gassed at the final. Dear Reader, I promise that you’ll never find another…like Alex!

Anna Clarke

TWIL Officer

The biggest news of the transfer season this year, after returning the Phil to financial stability Ms Clarke has left an obnoxious, toxic society for LawSoc (Ok I guess … Slay?). Despite having joined the Phil committee last minute she then found herself in the position of Steward by accident and then stepped into the role of Treasurer when no one else was brave enough. All I’m asking is who is really pulling the strings, accident or masterplan? A proud LOG girl (those that get it get it, those that don’t haha lol #povo), Anna is another member of the LawPol mafia and is delighted to be in a course with so few straight men as she was constantly perplexed by their antics when she had to interact with some of them in the wilds of Milan. A woman with a heart of gold and an encyclopaedic knowledge of feminism facts Anna is here for all your TWIL needs!

Graham Doran

TLSO Officer

A pure law student who’s managed to worm his way into yet another LawPol committee, Graham sweeps into his new role having risen from lowly Outreach mentor to lowly Outreach Officer. Raised in the war zone that is Tallaght Community College, Graham brings a different outlook to Law Soc. Having decided early that Tallaght IT wasn’t good enough for him, Graham made the humble decision to go to Trinity, a decision for which the rest of Tallaght has not truly forgiven him. Graham has committed himself to providing only the best kind of Outreach programme, the kind that only comes from a third-year Trinity Law student. Nothing screams relatable like ‘the Provost, Fellows, Foundation Scholars and the other members of Board, of the College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin’ and you can be sure that Graham will make sure these kids understand how privileged they are to have him grace them with his presence.

Grace Page

Charities Officer

They say the only good thing to ever come out of Laois was the road out of it. Obviously, whoever said this had not met our Charities Officer Grace Page. Recently described as the “Angel of Law Soc” this clarinet enthusiast has past the point of no return to join the Law Soc cult. Grace says she is a UCD girl at heart. However, after a brief stint there, she had had enough of the skinny jeans and endless trips to D2. We are extremely thankful that she traded them in for a room in Printing House Square and a position as the Angel of Law Soc.

Holly O'Brien

Careers & Academic Officer

Are you lost and drifting aimlessly through your law degree without a notion of what to do in the future? Fear not – our wise Careers Officer, Holly O’Brien, can change you from Clueless to Legally Blonde. As every law student knows, figuring out what to do with your degree is a mixture between the Hunger Games and the Da Vinci Code – here enters LinkedIn warrior, Holly! Armed with a jam-packed CV, vanilla latte, a gift for the fab (and the gab), and a knowledge of corporate law as deep as the Mariana Trench, Holly is here to help you figure out all of the amazing opportunities that are available to you. Just please, don’t make her decide on your panic-Masters programme – that decision is all yours, friend.

Zoya Kherani

Diversity & Equality Officer

After making the brave decision to stay on FLAC as well as Law Soc, this Indian Legend has made the trip from Dubai to serve as the Diversity and Equality Officer for the 90th Session. She’s a corporate gal, a LinkedIn fanatic, a champion wing woman, and an all-round queen. Zoya gives the energy of what Beyoncé could have been if she studied law. Can you think of a better person to diversify and equalise law soc? Along with Zoya’s plans for D&E, we are eager to see the outcome of this Zoya, FLAC, Law Soc love triangle.

Canice Ryan

Competitions Officer

If you think a trad-loving, Tipperary farmer is a fish out of water in LawSoc, then you would be wrong. This Premier County man dazzles with his winning smile, impresses with his impeccable business casual dress and wows with his tin-whistle blowing and piano playing. Trust me, all mothers swoon for Canice. His luscious curls are the envy of many at Law Ball, although the verdict is still out on whether it’s his own hair (a wig, a toupee?). Canice is polished, shiny and manages to be everywhere at once. It is rumoured Canice almost bet Gosling out for the role of Ken. Unfortunately for most of us however Canice is picky with his company and gravitates to obscenely wealthy Yankees and privately educated Brits. His natural habitat includes lavish firm-sponsored cocktail events and pres thrown by students of BESS. If you are in urgent need of him however, he is most likely to be found on the train back to Tipp.

James Ryan

Competitions Convenor A

Hailing from the depths of Clontarf, the wannabe South Side of Dublin, James embodies the stereotype all too well. His regular business casual attire, along with his polished conversation are incredibly reflective of his years on the debating team in an all-boys private school. Don’t be afraid to ask James a question, he’ll undoubtedly correct you and relay his abundance of knowledge on the topic at hand, and then some. He ended his school career as auditor of the debating team (I know…), leading him quite nicely into his role as Competitions Convenor. This year, James is most excited to mingle with judges and network himself all the way into the Supreme Court!

Ciara Hogan

Competitions Convenor B

A member of the final year LawPol contingent, Ciara “Ceegus” Hogan, joins us freshly back from a year in Bologna where she was busy putting her Italian skills to good use and adding to her growing collection of photos of street cats. If Ciara isn’t slaving away in the Lecky blasting the Succession soundtrack through her headphones, she can sometimes be found suffering under the weight of carrying the entire cheesemonger profession from Sheridan’s in Dunnes Stores. With the rather freakish ability to actually attend all lectures and read all assigned papers, Ciara is applying her admirable skills to organising all things Mock Trial this year.

Carla Cooney

Fourth Year Rep

LawSoc is honoured to have been graced with the presence of the honourable Ms Carla Cooney, TikTok monarch and social media extraordinaire. This Barbie made a video about the death of Prince Philip that has over one million views! Don’t be fooled by Carla’s intimidatingly fabulous instagram though – she’s one of the most genuine and sunshine-y people you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting, with a gift for niche facts, random acts of kindness and meet-cutes with famous people (this Barbie can tell you about the bathroom décor of a certain political party leader). Carla balances these gifts with a penchant for sunburn and a litany of stories in the genre of ‘eating weird things’. This Barbie is a multi-faceted legend whom we are delighted to know.

Val Murray

Third Year Rep

Despite suffering from the tragic affliction of being from Limerick, Val has overcome this to become our Third-Year Rep. Hailing from the humble beginnings of Glenstal Abbey, Lawrence “Valentine” Murray (if that is his real name) is the answer to the question “Who would wear shorts and Birkenstocks to a lecture in mid-December?” Easily recognised by his signature moustache and fashion sense which can only be described as an assault on the senses, Val is an extremely proactive student whose two highest achievements are being an honorary member of TWIL, and a foundation scholar (in that order). If you need him, you’ll find him in Chaplains enjoying his pint of Smithwick’s organising this year’s Alumni Ball.

Anna Gaughan

Second Year Rep

Anna is the second-year rep for Law Soc and her biggest challenge this year is finding out what this is exactly. In this role, she has the qualities to excel. With experience running a SuperValu like it’s the Navy, she’s ideal for making sure Law Soc is ship shape. A hard worker, Anna puts in enough shifts to activate sticky keys (that’s a computer joke for the illiterate). An adherent to the cult of Law Business, Anna knows all the contenders for this year’s Rugby Senior Cup (even the non-private schools). This year Anna will make sure Second Year is represented as best as possible, whatever that means…

Ruairí O hÚallacháin

First Year Rep

Introducing LawSoc’s youngest member! Having survived the vigorous battle of claiming the title of First Year Rep, the Termonfeckin native (don’t be fooled by the D4 accent) is giving Louth the representation it so desperately needs. Through his incredible sense of humour and his eloquently persuasive way with words, Ruairí has made it his mission to ensure that every first year who does not frequent LawSoc events gets major FOMO. Having successfully organised a whopper pub crawl for the first years, Ruairí, his ego, and all his quarter zips, are looking forward to the Hilary Term and all opportunities for first years that come with it.