Trinity College Dublin
Law Society

est. 1933

Term Dates

Start: Monday, 22nd January 2024

End: Friday, 13th April 2024

Events this Term

Law Ball: 2nd February

Law Day: 15th February

Charity Boxing: 27th March

About TCD Law Soc

Trinity College Dublin’s Law Society is one of the largest, most active and most vibrant societies on campus. LawSoc is now in its 90th year and remains one of Ireland’s most prestigious and prominent student societies, for a number of reasons. LawSoc attracts membership from all of Trinity’s numerous disciplines.

TCD LawSoc attracts membership from all of Trinity’s numerous disciplines. Students interested in legal issues, political debate and business affairs are drawn to LawSoc. Members are provided with the opportunity to attend our distinguished Speakers Series and renowned social events. They are also encouraged to participate in our various competitions and charity work. It is this diversity in events which has defined LawSoc’s continuing success and popularity. The society is committed to the personal development of its members and strives to equip them with the skills and information necessary to advance and excel in their professional lives.


Auditor's Address

Haigh a chairde!

Freshers, welcome to Trinity and most importantly, welcome to the 90th session of LawSoc. I know Freshers Week can be a really daunting week, but I promise that it is the start of the four best years of your life.

LawSoc is proud to be one of the largest and most active societies on campus, and we hope that as we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we will leave you with a lasting impression. Ignore all the haters in the Hist, the Wall Street wannabes in the SMF, the PPES politicians in PolSoc and the ‘Mean Girls’ in Fashion Soc, LawSoc is a society like no other. Despite the name, we have students from all courses, and whether you’re on your way to the Supreme Court of call the Hamilton home, LawSoc has something for you!

Let us help you make the worst decisions of your college career in style. From a midnight Masquerave Ball in a secret castle, to Swing Ball in the Shelbourne, LawSoc has your social life covered. If competitions are more your vibe, get ready to become the next Harvey Spectre in Commercial Negotiations with a prize fund of one thousand euro! Or if shouting objection at an old man in a wig sounds like fun, sign up to our prestigious Mock Trial competition!

If that’s not good enough for you, take the word of Ellie Goulding, Brian Cox, Lady Chief Justice Sue Carr, and Johnny Sexton, who are all coming to LawSoc this year! Keep your eyes peeled for more big names to come. If you’re looking to become Ireland’s youngest managing partner, make sure to check our our Career Programme and Alumni Network. There are so many ways to get involved in LawSoc with our Access to Law initiative, Trinity Women in Law and Charities subcommittees all doing fantastic work!

For 90 years the Law Society has been at the forefront of promoting an interest in the law and justice. We strive to provide our members with the opportunity to engage in discourse, experience new phenomena and most importantly, socialise. We can’t wait to see you at all our fantastic Freshers’ events and beyond!

Enjoy every minute! And don’t forget to live, laugh, lawve.



The society has welcomed an incredible selection of guests throughout the years. Each guest receives the illustrious Praeses Elit award, which recognises the outstanding achievements of its recipients.