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Hello law friends – charities is back and better than ever! After raising a whopping €16,000 last year for BelongTo Youth Services, this year we aim to go even bigger in fundraising for the incredible charity, Barrettstown.

Barretstown offers free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness – supported behind the scenes by 24 hour on site medical and nursing care. Since they first opened their gates in 1994, they have brought the magic of Barretstown to over 85,000 campers. 

Our sub-committee of 9 (soon to be 10) will be working tirelessly throughout the year to bring to you the biggest and baddest fundraising events. First years stay on the look out for opportunities to join the subcommittee! We will also be starting up Law Soc’s very first volunteer mailing list where we will be connecting all of our members with volunteer opportunities available in Trinity. So, without further ado, here’s what this year will look like…

Freshers Pub Quiz

We will be starting this year off with a BANG, with our brand new freshers pub quiz! What better way to kick off freshers week than by demonstrating your general knowledge dominance! Get ready for questionable team names, dodgy answers, and plenty of prizes that will have you shouting ‘cheater’ as if you were still 8 years old at the credit union quiz in no time. Sharpen your pencils, because this is the perfect freshers ‘pre-drinks’ you won’t want to miss. What better way to get to know, and get ready for a night out with your fellow law students than by arguing over answers with your team mates (and possibly the odd sneaky google under the table)?! We’ll be holding this event on campus, so get your teams together and start brushing up your general (and not so general) knowledge. If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! Message us or just come along and we’ll put you into teams on the evening!

Charity ‘Boxing Day’

Now somewhat of a rite of passage, we will once again be hosting a Charity ‘Boxing Day’. This event will require 30 of the college’s bravest souls to raise €100 through sponsorship, for the honour and glory of stepping into the ring. They will then proceed to batter the head off one of their closest friends, or possible make a frenemy, all in the name of charity. Those taking part will be given the chance to break out of their comfort zones, oh, and did we mention there’s six weeks of free professional training provided to all participants?! But this isn’t just an event for the competitors, it’s also a great night for the spectators. This year we will be running a betting competition, so even if you’re not participating in fight night, you’ll still be in with the chance of winning a little something.

Law Day

Law Day is our flagship fundraiser every year. This year we have got a day PACKED with activities and events. You should expect to see purple t-shirt wearing Law Soc volunteers taking over College, shaking buckets and hassling you for spare change. We’ll also be armed with card machines, so you aren’t getting away that easily! There will also be the chance to compete in the annual 5-a side competition during the day and the wonderful bingo loco at night. Throughout the day we will also be running a Butlers’ tab which was a huge success last year, meaning if you donate to charity you will be getting a free coffee to appease your caffeine addiction. Law Day is undeniably one of the highlights of the student calendar, so make sure it is one you do not miss!


This November, we will be running LAWST! You’ll be dropped in a mystery location, given a variety of riddles to solve, and the first team who makes it back to HQ is crowned the winner! Participants will have to raise €50 per person to take part. There will be spot prizes, freebies and hopefully some kind of hunger games style comradery will emerge! In any case, this promises to be an expedition you will not forget. So get your wellies ready! (You will also get a free Arthur Cox branded t-shirt for taking part @ any corporate law sell outs!)

Charity Drag Brunch

Gather your girlies, because this year we will be hosting our very first drag brunch! Prepare for flowing mimosas, flowing hair, and lots and lots of fun and laughter. Oh, and did I mention glitter? This year Law Soc will be hosting a charity drag brunch, promising to be one of the hottest tickets on campus. Think, all of your best nights in the George, combined with bottomless brunch, and great performances. I mean, it would be rude not to go.

Committee 2023/24

Grace Page

Alana Lacey

Ali McCarthy

Cassidy Murray

Jane Prendergast

Kate O’Connor

Sofia O’Boyle