About Us

Trinity College Dublin’s Law Society is one of the largest, most active and most vibrant societies on campus. LawSoc is now in its 86th year and remains one of Ireland’s most prestigious and prominent student societies, for a number of reasons. LawSoc attracts membership from all of Trinity’s numerous disciplines. Students interested in legal issues, political debate and business affairs are drawn to LawSoc. Members are provided with the opportunity to attend our distinguished Speaker Series and renowned social events. They are also encouraged to participate in our various competitions and charity work. It is this diversity in events which has defined LawSoc’s continuing success and popularity.

The society is committed to the personal development of its members and strives to equip them with the skills and information necessary to advance and excel in their professional lives. LawSoc is a forum for discussion and debate. It fosters unity amongst students and provides them with a social outlet. In a University which is, in many ways, defined by society life, LawSoc is highly regarded. The society’s focus is on engaging its members but, more importantly, making their college experience a memorable one.


This website is proudly sponsored by A&L Goodbody.

A&L Goodbody is TCD LawSoc’s primary partner and Title Sponsor.LawSoc relies on A&L Goodbody’s generous sponsorship for the day-to-day running of the Society. Without the Firm’s support, LawSoc would not be able to provide its members with the high quality events to which they are accustomed. The relationship between A&L Goodbody and LawSoc has grown over a number of years and the Society is proud to collaborate with them again this year. This sponsorship arrangement allows LawSoc to meet its goal of delivering a well-rounded, informative and, most importantly, memorable college experience for its member